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    January 31st, 2015  at  Valley Lanes
14th Annual 
  Partners Superbowl
!! success !!
Our big winners, "The Bowling Buddies", are congratulated by the two teams of Alpine Bank, the $500.00 prize sponsor. The "Bowling Buddies", previously known as "Going Bowling", consist of Michelle Clubb, Deborah Fender, Darrel Murphy and Allan Collins. The "Bowling Buddies" generously donated their prize money to Partners. Allan said "I've never been rich, so this feels good, to be able to give." Thank you Allan, Michelle, Darrel and Michelle. Your generosity and that of others like you helps Partners, and the kids we serve, everyday!
Keep us in mind if you would like to support Partners next January when we will be holding our 15th Annual SuperBowl. It's a great way to spread a little sunshine in the middle of winter.

Emmalee you make Partners PROUD!
Johnson Elementary Fifth-grader Wins District Bee
Oak Grove fifth-grader finishes second
By Alan Lewis Gerstenecker
Daily Press News Editor
There is a new Queen Bee in Montrose County and she hives at Johnson Elementary School.
Emallee Machart, 10, a fifth-grader at Johnson Elementary won the Montrose County School District Spelling Bee on Wednesday night with the correct spelling of “obfuscate,” which means to cloud over, obscure.
For Emallee, the win marked a comeback, of sorts, as she misspelled maize, but Jonnie Trujillo misspelled dromedary, which is a single-humped or Arabian camel, in the fifth round.
In the sixth round, Jonnie misspelled epoch and Emallee correctly spelled marsupial. Scripp’s National Spelling Bee rules mandate that a champion must correctly spell a word beyond that of the second-place finisher, and that’s when Emallee correctly spelled obfuscate.
In the end, which turned out to be a battle of fifth-graders, Emallee outdueled Jonnie to win and eighth-grader Alex Morris of Centennial finished third at his home campus among family, friends and wordsmiths in the audience.
“Yeah, I’m pretty happy,” Emallee said. “My uncle promised me $50 if I got to the top 10, so this is pretty nice.”
Emallee, who finished second in the Johnson Elementary School Bee about a month ago, said she crammed extensively for the bee.
“I guess I studied about 40 hours,” said the daughter of Heidi Gillaspy.
And then, when it seems almost absolute that Emallee would choose a career in English or literature, she threw the audience a curve. She wants to be a Math teacher! Congratulations Emmalee, we couldn't be prouder!!



There are so many ways to help Partners! We'd love to thank some of the people and businesses who donate their time, goods or services to the Partners organization in order to help the children served by Partners of Delta, Montrose & Ouray. 

Special Thanks to:

Wendy's in Montrose
Black Canyon Golf Club
Don Geddes
Brew & Bogie Club
Montrose Mirror
April Ballinger
Angelo DeJulio
Delta Fine Arts Association
Delta Library
Montrose Community Foundation
Taco Time in Delta
Mary Hockenbery and The Church of Art
Hotchkiss National FishHatchery
Sharon Cottier
The Creamery Art Center in Hotchkiss
Montrose High School
Montrose County
Pizza Hut in Delta

If you think you know of a way you can help Partners, email us today!







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