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Dear Mystery,

I love going to school everyday and learning. What I don’t love is riding on the bus. Every day when I get on the bus there is an older, bigger kid who will not leave me alone! He makes fun of how I look, what I wear and sometimes takes my lunch. I love school and want to go but this kid is driving me away from school. Help me, please Mystery. What should I do?      Hopeless in Delta


Dear Hopeless in Delta,

Don’t worry,  I won’t let bullys stop you from going to school.  Sometimes bigger cats try to push me around and here’s some  techniques that I use when ally cats think they are bigger or better than me.  Grrrrrr.

If I don’t feel safe I ask an adult to help me. I also try to play with other kitties, a bully is less likely to bother me when I am playing with others.

I try to look a fur-ball bully directly in the eyes and say, “I don’t like you saying things about me to other cats that are untrue. It is mean and unfair and I want you to stop doing it.” I stand up straight, keep my tail up and look at them  directly.  I assert myself.

Sometimes bullies have no idea how to react when someone is funny back to them.  I tell the dirty ally cats that they look like they are garbage and I on the other hand look like a “princess.”-Which I am. I use humor to make a situation better.

I try to avoid the ally cats whenever it is possible. I walk home a different way.

It hurts my feelings when I get pushed around by those ally cats. But it does not have to. Now when some pussycat gives me a hard time I think about how beautiful my black and white spots are or how young children love to play with me. I talk to myself about things that I am good at.

Sometimes when  another Flea-bag cat says something not nice about me, I agree with them. This can throw off a bully.  I don’t really agree with them, it’s just a strategy to get them off my back.”Yes, my mom makes me wear a red collar and I know I look different from you, but what can I say, I’m a princess.”

Remember “Hopeless in Delta”,  Mystery is on your side. Go get ‘um. Click here to send Mystery your question.

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