Information for Parents


Partners is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to matching youth with adult mentors.  Youth (junior partners) are matched with an adult volunteer (senior partner) in a year long partnership, meeting each week.

A volunteer in the program is like a neighbor or relative who wants to share some of their time and experience with a child.  Volunteers in the program are thoroughly screened, interviewed, trained and supported by our staff.   Parents have an opportunity to meet with the potential Senior Partner prior to the volunteer meeting the child.

Partnerships spend an average of 3 hours a week doing a variety of different activities together which may include homework, playing, talking or making dinner together.   Staff  supports these relationships through volunteer trainings, recreational opportunities, life skills education, and other support services.


Partners is not a program for bad kids. A Senior Partner is in no way a replacement parent.  A Senior Partner is an adult friend for your child to spend quality time with. Research has shown that providing youth with a caring adult (other than a parent of teacher) increases the youth’s self-esteem, family relationships, grades and prevents the start of drug and alcohol use.  By providing continual friendship and guidance to a child, a mentor can show that someone, outside of the family, is interested in their well-being and success in life.

Most of us  remember a caring  adult,  other than our parents, that we looked up to when we were young. Someone who taught us a skill, motivated us or just listened to us.  A Senior Partner is a special friend to your child.


Although Partners would be an asset to any and every child, unfortunately, we only have a limited number of volunteer mentors.  Therefore, we have to limit the number of youth we can serve.    Partners receives referrals of youth from local organizations that are

already working with your kids.  Partners focuses on youth who could use some extra help in school, making friends or kids who just need a little extra attention.


Nexus means a connection or link.  The Nexus group is for youth who have been interviewed to be in Partners and are waiting for a Senior Partner.

The group meets once a month and does different types of activities.  After we have met with you and your child, your child will be put in the Nexus group until s/he is matched with a Senior Partner.  It can take some time to find a Senior Partner that is just right for your child. The Nexus program is the connecting group that helps our staff get to know your child better while we wait for just the right person to be a Senior Partner for your child.

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