Delta YSAP



“The Mission of the Delta County Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is to provide a forum through which individuals, groups, organizations, and agencies can collaborate for substance abuse prevention activities for Delta County Youth.”

“The Vision is a collaborative effort between all Delta County resources, agencies, and individuals in the Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition will create a substance abuse free community.”

Studies have found that youth living in rural areas are involved in tobacco, alcohol, and illegal substance use at rates that often exceed those of youth living in urban and suburban communities. By increasing family and community awareness of youth substance abuse problems in Delta County, youth will be less likely to use and abuse substances as a result.

We are fortunate to live in this beautiful valley of Western Colorado. YSAP is here to coordinate Delta County citizens who are in need or have interest in youth substance abuse prevention. YSAP’s intent is to coordinate people in need of youth services with dedicated professionals who are trained in working with youth and the challenges they may face.

We also have information about all current community activities and events.

The coordinator for YSAP is Betsy Shepherd. She can be reached at 970-874-4661.The office is located in the Partners Mentoring Youth office at 511 E. 10thStreet in Delta.

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