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Senior Partner (SP)

If you’re a potential volunteer who wants to work with youth, then the Senior Partner role is a great option! Senior Partners commit an average of three hours a week with the same youth (Junior Partner) for a minimum of one year in a one-to-one mentoring relationship called a Partnership. So what exactly does it mean to be in a mentoring relationship? And are you qualified? Here are a few activities that Partnerships enjoy:

• Hiking
• Cooking
• Going to movies
• Attending sporting events
• Taking the family dog for a walk

If you enjoy activities such as these, then the three hours a week are a breeze. Our Senior Partners come in all shapes, sizes, ages and activity levels, as well as a wide variety of vocations and backgrounds. It’s really about sharing who you are and hanging out with a youth in the community who just wants to spend some time having fun.

It’s amazing what a little time investment can mean to the youth in our community. Youth who spend one year in the Partners program show:

• Increased levels of self-esteem
• Increased school performance
• More future-oriented thinking
• Decrease in negative attitudes and behaviors

And they’re not the only ones who benefit. Our Senior Partners find the experience not only fun, but very rewarding! The powerful influence of role models works both ways.

Senior Partners are also required to pass a thorough screening process, have consistent access to a vehicle, have a current driver’s license and proof of auto insurance, have been a resident of the state of Colorado for six months and be at least 21 years old.

To begin the process of becoming a Senior Partner, fill out the form below.

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