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  • 07


    You know what it’s like to get that perfect gift. The exact thing you wanted. Or a special gift, unexpected but makes you feel great. Well learn a little about how to give and make others have that feeling at the next Girl Talk. As always we will have a special guest, wonderful food and great conversation. The session is open to all girls and women in the Partners program and any friends that wish to bring.

    5:30 to 7:30 pm in Montrose.  Call your case manager to attend

  • 09

    Lions Club House
    Cannot determine address at this location.

    Join ALL your Partners friends on December 9th at the Lions Club House in Montrose for a ridiculous lunch with all the Christmas bells and Holiday whistles!

    This activity is one of our biggest of the year and we have moved it into December to make it bigger and better. The event begins at 11 and ends at 1:30. It will include games, activities, gifts and lunch

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